Eid ul

United States Of America Eid Celebration

The Muslims living in the United States of America come from the different nationalities and have their own traditions and customs to celebrate the festival of id and they celebrate the festival with their other brothers belonging to the same religion but different nationality, with same zeal and enthusiasm as they celebrate the festival in their own country.

In fact the id celebrations of the states is more a less like a bouquet of flowers of different colures and one gets the opportunity to different customs and traditions of celebrating the festival of id in different way but the spirit of the festival remains the same that is to give thank to all mighty for all he has given to us and to pray to him to forgive our sins committed by us, and then enjoy the festivity of the festival with relatives, friends and with other non Muslims of the society.

Muslims living in the united states offer prayer of the id in the conventions centeres,mosque and other places where large number of followers could gather and then they visit the places of their relatives ,friends and family members to greet them and exchange gifts and celebrate the festival with delicacies prepared for the day.

On the following weekend of the Eid week, the people participate in the parties organized by the mosque or by some wealthy member of the society .Everyone rich and the poor, young and the elder all enjoy the festival with delicacies served to them and the children enjoy the festival with new clothes and gifts. Sometime they book amusement parks for the community and everyone enjoys the festivity.

In New York the prayer is being offered in the public place and the regulations for the cleaning of streets is being suspended. In Houston the prayer is being organized at the George Brown convention centre at the down town Houston by the Islamic society. The United States has issued the postal stamps on the occasion of id in different years from 2001 to 2011.

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