Eid ul

United kingdom Eid Celebration

The Muslim community where ever they went they took their festivals and customs along with themselves and try to practice the same  with whatever facilities they had at their disposal in the foreign land and they did their best to conserve their customs and festivals along with their believes and in particular the south Asian community.

The Muslim community celebrates the festival of Eid with all reverence and devotion and they follow their customary way of celebrating Eid. There  is no as such festival leave in United Kingdom for the Eid but the employers who have the Muslim employees show this courtesy to them, to grant leave to them to celebrate the festival and to offer namaz due to the occasion and to celebrate the festival with all fun and festivity with their friends, relatives and family members.

The Muslims take off from their profession and go to offer namaz in their local mosque in the morning of the festival and after offering the prayer, they especially the Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims go to the local cemetery to offer their gratitude to the deceased souls of their relatives, friends and family members.

Muslim men of the south Asian community wear the thawb,jubba and sherwani and the Muslim women of the same origin wear the traditional shalwar kameez. After the Morning Prayer is being offered in the mosque or in the convention center as the case may be.

Then they return to their home and greet each other for the occasion and the festivity starts. Many communities offer money and gift to the young ones from the elders and young ones show their respect to the old ones. The festival begins with the welcoming of the relatives, friends and colleagues in the house and they are served with the special delicacies likebengali sweets,samosa,siweya,rice  and many non vegetarian dishes is being served to the guests.

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