Eid ul

Turkey Eid Celebration

In Turkey, nationally celebrated festival are called to as “bayram”, and Eid ul-Fitr is called as both Ramadan Bayrami("Ramadan Bayram") and Seker Bayrami ("Bayram of Sweets"), however the use of the latter has been lately put off under AK Party for supposedly being "un-Islamic". For instance, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, prime minister has proposed in general desertion of the expression “Seker Bayrami”.


It is a national holiday, where government offices and schools are usually closed for the whole three-day time of the revelry. The revels of this Bayram are infused with nationwide traditions. It is traditional for people to address one another with “Bayraminiz mübarek olsun” ("May your Bayram be blessed")or “Bayraminiz kutlu olsun” ("May your Bayram be blessed"). Mutlu Bayramlar ("Happy Bayram") is another phrase for rejoicing in this Bayram. It is a occasion for people to be present at prayer services, wear their best attire (referred to as Bayramlik, often bought just for the event, stopover all their loved ones (such as neighbours, relatives, and friends), and pay their greetings to the deceased with controlled visits to cemeteries, where big, temporary market of flowers, prayer books and water (for watering the plants adorning a grave), are set up for the three-day time. The initial day of the Bayram is usually regarded as the utmost significance, with the entire members of the family rousing up early, and the men leaving to their locality’s mosques for the particular Bayram prayer.

It is considered as especially significant to respect elderly people by kissing their hand and keeping it on one's forehead at the same time wishing them Bayram good wishes. It is also traditional for young kids to go in the region of their neighborhood, gate to gate, and wish everybody a joyful Bayram, for which they are rewarded chocolates, sweets such as traditional Turkish delight and baklava, candy, or a small amount of cash at every door, analogous to the Halloween tradition in the United States.

Municipalities in the entire region of the nation arrange fund-raising procedures for the deprived, in addition to community shows such as performances or more conventional forms of leisure such as the Habitat and Karagöz shadow-theatre and even piece by the Mehter – a Janissary Band established at the time of the Ottoman Empire.

All the people of the country participate in this festival with great enthusiasm and greet every one with happiness. This Turkish style of celebrating Eid is very distinct and simple.

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