Eid ul

Tunisia Eid Celebration

In Tunisia Eid is celebrated for three to four days however official holidays are only two. People of Tunisia start preparing for the celebration from several days before Eid. They order special biscuits that they can give to their guest as a gift of eid. “Bakalwa” and “Ka’ak” of various kinds are also included. All men proceed to the Mosque in the morning while women stay behind to make preparations for the celebration. Some women also accompany them to Mosque. Women arrange their new outfit and children toys and prepare a grand Lunch which is eaten mostly at the parent’s house. On this day all people feast and eat delicious dishes throughout the day and exchange gifts with relatives and family members. Children accompany their father and visit all relatives and grandparents on this day where they are offered cookies and sweets. Whereas women stay at home and welcome other guests. Since this festival is celebrated as a reward from God for fasting for whole month of Ramadan, therefore, people celebrate it with more enthusiasm. On this day they forget they personal conflict and comes together to celebrate this festival. Many important dishes are made for the feast on this day including ‘Sevaiyan’. This festival is celebrated all over the world with similar enthusiasm by all Muslims. Usually new clothes are made for this occasion; people eat and party with friends and relatives. Usually there is a tradition of dying hands of women with Henna. On the night of Chand raat’ people go out for shopping with their families and eat delicious foods.

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