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Nigeria Eid Celebration

One of the secular countries with the population of Christians and Muslims is Nigeria. During the festival of Eid which is called "Small Sallah" Nigerian Muslims gets excited and starts their preparation from months ago. On this day people greet each other saying “ Bakra Da Sallah” that is “greetings on Sallah” in the language of Hausa. On this occasion people dressed in new and trendy clothes visits mosque to offer “Salat” Eid. After that they greet each other and embracing them. After this they go to their homes to enjoy the meals prepared by the lady of the house.

Like other cultures Eid in Nigeria has its own flavor however the basic elements remain same. In Nigeria, people love to eat amala, rice etc. also dishes made of meat are very much appreciated. This festival brings joy for the children. They look wonderful in their new clothes and shoes and they go to visit their neighbors and relatives along with their parents where they are offered various sweets and snacks. Also on the occasion of eid their School gets closed for two days so no homework. Also there are parties organized by the elders where they bring their children along and all the children have fun together.

In Nigeria also Eid is observed as a reward for completing the Ramadan with full devotion and dedication. Therefore, people of all caste and color celebrate this occasion with huge excitement and happiness. Also on this day non-Muslim friends visits their Muslim friends to wish them happiness and enjoy in their festivities. On the next day of eid, some people also fast and they get huge rewards by Allah for fasting this day.

Eid is the festival of happiness and people enjoy it by eating and meeting other people which makes them all happy.

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