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Mauritius Eid Celebration

The Muslim community of the Mauritius belongs to the Indian origin and they were brought to the island by the British from India and they suffered very inhuman conditions in the island but they never return backed to their native land and made immense contribution in the development and growth of the island of Mauritius.

The ancestors of the present generation faced lots of hardships but never forgot their traditions and customs and it gave immense strength to them in the time of distress and suffering. They worked in hand with their Hindu and other communities who were brought from India in the growth of the island.

The island is the place where several communities live together in perfect harmony and it lead to the growth of the island nation. The Muslims form the 16.6% of the total population of the country and keeping in view their contribution in the growth of the country, Government of Mauritius declared the festival of Eid as national holiday.

The day of the festival of Eid begins with the traditional prayer being offered in the edge or in the mosque. As the Muslim women are not allowed to go to the mosque, and hence the men and the children return to the home after offering the prayer and then the festival begins with the traditional Eid Mubarak greeting to each other and the elderly people of the family and of the neighbor give gift and money to the children and to the younger ones.

Then people visit to their relatives and friends to greet them with the greeting of the festival with the warm embrace. Then the guests are being offered the delicacies of the festival. To name the few are siwami, biryani, samosa and many snacks and the sweets of the North india.The evening of the festival is marked with cultural programs fun and fair.

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