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Fiji Eid Celebration

The small island of Fiji was being inhabitated by the Indian people who are were brought by the British to work in the fields of sugarcane from the stats of India especially Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. They shared a common misery and common sufferings brought them a feeling of oneness and solidarity among them. This is the reason that the Muslims of Indian origin are not looked upon as a different     community.

The Muslim consists of 7% of the total population of the country. The Muslims of the Fiji celebrate the festival of Eid with the same traditional manner as their ancestors use to celebrate the festival before they were brought to this island. They follow all the customs and rituals followed by the Muslims in India in celebrating the festival.

The small island haves the majority of Muslim population of Indian origin but there are few hundred of Muslims of Fijian origin.

The festival of Eid begins with the offering of prayers in the mosque and then the men who have gone to offer prayer return to their homes and greet each other with the traditional greeting as in India as Eid Mubarak and they greet each other. The young ones greet their elders and in return the elders give gift and money to the young ones of the family. Then the people welcome the guests who visit the home to give the greetings of the festival and they are also greeted in return. The guests are served with traditional delicacies of Indian origin like samai the vermicelli prepared in the warm milk and sugar, samosa chicken curry and sometimes beef is also served to the guests and many snacks and sweet become the part of the dinning table. The children enjoy the festival the most with the new clothes, gift and the delicacies of the festival, along with the blessing s of their elders.

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