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Egypt Eid Celebration

Eid ul-Fitr is an occasion of an extensive meal for three days and declares a formal holiday in Egypt along with vacations in government offices, universities and schools. Some restaurants and stores also remain closed throughout Eid. A day of Eid initializes with a little snack then Eid prayers follows in congregation, which children, men and women attends. During this, lectures reminds Egyptians about qualities and good actions they should practice and perform while dealing with others and even strangers at time of Eid and all round year. Later friends, relatives and neighbours start to greet one another.

“Eid Mubarak” or blessed Eid is a most general greeting that one receives or gives. People consider it a must to visit families on foremost day of Eid; hence they have next two days in which they can enjoy by visiting places like parks, cinemas, beaches or theatres. Some people go on a tour or on a cruise on Nile River, but people consider Sharm El Sheikh as a favourite destination in Egypt to spend their holidays. Throughout Eid children wear new clothes provided to them. Also loved ones of women mainly mothers, sisters, daughters and wives give them special gifts.

It is usual for children that they also get Eid-ey-yah from adult relatives. It is a little sum of cash, they receive and they use it to spend throughout Eid on their activities they do. Children wear new clothes provided to them and go out of their homes and enjoy in amusement parks, public courtyards or gardens. All their activities during Eid solely depend on how much Eidyah they receive from their elders. There is a range of amusement parks starting from huge ones that are located on Cairo-Nile outskirts. Rides on Felucca Nile are a common trait of Eid celebration in villages, cities and towns of Egypt.

Family gatherings include eating and cooking of all types of food available in Egypt like Fata. However, Kahk is a food item that is connected with Eid above all others. They are cookies that are full of nuts and they cover them with sugar powder. Egyptians either buy them from a bakery or bake them at their home. Hence, in Ramadan’s last days it is a general scene in a bakery, where you can find a crowd of Kahk buyers. Television in Egypt too celebrates Eid with broadcasting movies in a continuous fashion along with programs that features live interviews of both everyday citizens and public figures from all parts of Egypt.

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