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China Eid Celebration

The festival of Eid is being celebrated in China by more than 10ethnic groups out of total of 56 ethnic groups recognized by the Government of china and this group has the population of more than 18 million. The provinces of china which have majority of Muslim population, gives the official holiday for the Muslims and non Muslims. The two provinces of Ninxia and Xinjiang haves the three days of holiday for the Muslims and one day of holiday for the non Muslims.         

In provinces which do not have Muslim population in majority, they give official holiday of one day to the Muslim population. The Han community of the china also celebrates the festival of Eid in the province of Xinjiang and the state along with other social organizations and in association with local business man supply free supply of the meat of lamb, mutton and beef to the households as part of the welfare program run and funded by the government agencies.

The Yuan province of china has good number of Muslim population and they are scattered in the entire region of the province. After offering the Morning Prayer they go to the grave of Sayyid Ajjal grave and clean the tomb as the remberance of told Chinese festival of Qingming festival in which the people go to the grave of their ancestors and clean the grave, offer prayer on the grave, clean the grave and offer food to their ancestors.

Then the deeds of the Sayyid ajal are narrated in the form of story and a special prayer is being offered to the Muslims killed in the Cultural Revolution.

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