Eid ul

Canada Eid Celebration

The Muslim coming from the different parts of the world to Canada had their own tradition and culture of celebrating the festival of Eid. The Muslims come together to offer the prayer of the festival. The prayer is being organized at some public places like conventions centeres, sports arena or even stadium to offer the prayer.

The Muslim community of different countries get together to celebrate the festival and they celebrate the festival with some of their own customs and happen to see the customs of other countries and all of the Muslim community is being welcomed by the Malaysian and Indonesian open houses where everyone is welcomed.

The mosques and the Islamic society organizes big parties and everyone is welcomed and the people participate in the parties and enjoy delicacies of different countries and the children are being offered gifts and they are being entertained by booking the amusement parks where everyone enjoys the party and a break off from their normal routine.

The cities like Toranto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal sees the organizing of big parties at various community centers and people participate in them and donate funds for the lesser fortunate of the community and also to make the food bank. The Muslims living in the rural area of the country also celebrate the festival by organizing the programs in the mosque or in the community centers.

The Muslim students studying in the different parts of the country take leave from their institutions to participate in the festival, as the festival is the biggest festival in the Islamic calendar.

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