Eid ul

African Eid Celebration

In Africa, Eid is revels by numerous people, especially in West Africa a lot of East Africa and North Africa, where Islam is proficient in most people.

Eid is a Muslim festival which is celebrated annually by all Muslims of the world. This day is of great value for the Muslims as they fast for whole month of Ramadan and worship God and in the end gets rewarded from this day. On this day all people wears new clothes especially children. They adorn beautiful clothes and goes to offer prayed to the mosque with their father. Women also wear new clothes and prepare delicious and traditional meal on this day.

With the increase in number of Muslims in every part of the world this festival is well recognized and a public holiday is declared for a day or two. Usually Eid is celebrated for three days.  It is the first day after Ramadan when Muslims eat in the day time. Vermicelli is prepared in all household or some sweet dish to mark the special occasion. Dishes of meat are also prepared. Many get together and grand meals are also organized by Muslims to invite others and enjoy altogether. After the prayers of Eid people go to visit neighbors and relatives to offer their greetings on Eid.

In Africa also all able Muslims give out zakaat to the deprived so that they can also celebrate eid and fulfill their other needs. This is the law of Islam due to which all Muslims can lead their life peacefully and can obtain meal for all three times. Sometimes in Africa due to hot climate fasting become very difficult yet all devoted Muslims do not abstain from fasting and due to that God blesses them more.

Muslims also exchange gifts on the day of eid and it is expected that they forgive everyone for whom they had hard feelings as God forgives them. So the joy of the eid increases many folds when there are no negative feelings for anyone. In some parts of the country Eid party is given where all the Muslims are invited so that the festivities outshines. Non Muslims friends also become a part of the festival and join them in their festival.

This year in Tripoli people was very happy because at this time Gaddafi was not there to spoil their festival and they enjoyed the eid even more.

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