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Afghanistan Eid Celebration

In Afghanistan, Sunni Muslims are predominant. As per their culture Eid ul-Fitr has significant importance, which they celebrate for 3 days. Eid Mubarak or Blessed Eid is a most common salutation that one receives. Eid is famous among community that speaks Pashto, they call it Kochnai Akhtar. Afghans began to prepare for this festival from 10 days before by cleaning their home. In Dari, this practice is famous as Khana Takani. Afghans go to local bazaars for buying new sweets, snacks and clothes. Some of special treats that they serve during festival of Eid are Shor-Nakhod made from chickpeas, Cake wa Kolcha or a simple cake like a pound cake and Jalebi or Jelabi.

On Eid ul-Fitr, Afghans first offer Eid prayers. Then they gather at home along with families greeting each member saying “Eid Mubarak”. They usually add “Eidet Mobarak Roza wa Namazet Qabool Dakhel Hajiha wa Ghaziha”. It means “Happy Eid; may God accept your prayers and fasting and you might be selected among others who in future go to Hajj-pilgrimage.” Elders of every family give gifts and money to their children. Also it is a common practice that every family visits other families and friends. It is difficult for them to do this during other times in a year. At this occasion children goes to entrance of each home in their locality or maybe further and saying “Khala Eidet Mubarak”, which means “aunt happy Eid”. In return to their greeting they get Pala or cookies to eat, which they enjoy very much.

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