Eid ul

International Eid Celebration

Eid is a very important and big festival for Muslims. All Muslims respect this festival a lot and celebrates it with pomp. This festival is a reward from “Allah” to its people who have fated for the month of Ramadan and had fulfilled all the customs like Zakaat and fitra with pure heart. This festival is not country bound but is celebrated all over the world where ever Muslims live.  International Eid celebrations are however slightly different from that of Indians and Pakistani’s yet the core of the celebration remains same.

After the end of pious month of Ramadan which is decided by the sighting of Moon as the Islamic Calendar follow moon revolutions. Sighting of Moon for the eid is an excitement in itself. All the men assemble at one place on the 29th day of Ramadan to view the Moon because it can be a month of 30 days or 29 days also. Therefore people stand there searching for moon after Magrib Prayers. If the moon is sighted then all people wish each other and embrace each other and go back to home to share the news with the family. If the moon is delayed for the next day then people goes back home to get ready for “Taravi” and day after that will be an Eid.

Like in all other countries preparations of eid began weeks before its onset. Some people make all the necessary arrangements before Ramadan so that they can devote all their time of Ramadan worshipping. New clothes are made, house is cleaned often whitewashed, and some people redecorate their house.  Many people buy gifts for children and young people of the house. Sweets and other dishes are also prepared for this day.  This is a big day for the Muslims and they do not want to miss out anything.  The best thing about Islam is that it has arranged means for the deprived also so that they can also enjoy the festival equally. For this there is a provision of “Zakaat” that every able Muslim has to give to the unprivileged people so that they are not left behind. Many people pay it in the form of money, many people provide food and clothing’s for them so that they do not misuse money.

 When the day of Eid-ul-fitr arrives all men clad in their new clothes goes to mosque to offer special prayers of Eid. After their return they go to visit the neighbors and other relatives to greet them good wishes for eid.

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