Eid ul

Eid Ul Milad Un Nabi Timing

Same as many other Muslim festivals that are celebrated according to the visibility of moon, Eid e Milad un Nabi follows timing in the same pattern. With the onset of Rabi ul Awwal month of lunar calendar Muslim families and organizations commonly known as anjumans start their preparation for the same. Many seminars, speeches and other literary functions related to the life of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) are organized to throw light on the pious life and character of this prophet.

As the Sunnis observe the day on 12th of this month where as Shias observe it on 17th so these days between 12th to 17th are now being popularized as Islamic unity week with a number of conferences and international seminars taking place in the Muslim countries all around the globe.

Apart from these activities various processions are carried in the city with posters and banners congratulating on the birth of this Holy Man. This month witnesses the decoration of Muslim neighborhoods. Tradition mehfils are also organized where people sit in gathering and naat (a poem written in the glory of Prophet Mohammad) are recited and praised. Prominent religious leaders orate about the life and message of Prophet Mohammad. Special focus is laid on the youths so as to inform them more about the teachings. Overall this month of Rabi ul Awwal specially the week from 12th to 17th is happening time for the Muslim crowd with lots of religious activities. People cook special foods and eat with each other to promote brotherhood and love for the mankind and the world.

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