Eid ul

Eid Ul Milab Un Nabi Observances

Mawlid observances is highly sought occasion in most of the Muslim countries, and in some other countries where Muslims are present as minority such as India, Russia, Britain, and Canada. Saudi Arabia is the lone Muslim nation where Mawlid is not celebrated as the authorized public holiday. Participation and involvement in the ritual and custom celebration of famous Islamic holidays is seen as the appearance of Islamic revival.

Where Mawlid is highly celebrated in a festival manner, large street marches and processions are held at some specific places and mosques or homes are decorated. Food and charity is distributed, and various stories about the Prophet Muhammad are narrated by different persons and with the recitation of some poetry by children. Apart from these activities various processions are carried in the city with posters and banners congratulating on the birth of this Holy Man. This month witnesses the decoration of Muslim neighborhoods. Tradition mehfils are also organized where people sit in gathering and naat (a poem written in the glory of Prophet Mohammad) are recited and praised. Poets and Scholars celebrate this occasion by reciting Qaṣīda al Burda, one of the most popular poems by thirteenth century Arabic Sufi, Sufi Busiri.

In Pakistan, Mawlid is celebrated by hoisting of the national flag on almost all public buildings, and a 21 gun salute at the regional headquarters and a 31 gun salute in Islamabad are fired for the same at dawn. The cinema shows regarding religious videos rather than other form of films are displayed on 11 and 12 Rabi ul Awwal. Thousands of people from various part of the country gather at Minar e Pakistan in Lahore in between the night of 11and 12 Rabi ul Awwal for Mawlid merriments; this is considered as the world’s biggest assembly among all Mawlid celebrations.

Among non Muslim countries, India is famous for their Mawlid festivities. The relics of Prophet Muhammad are put on show at Hazratbal Shrine, which is on the outskirt of Srinagar, after morning prayers in Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Shab Khawani, the night long prayers are held at Hazratbal Shrine, which is attended by thousands of people.

Other non Muslim countries renowned for their Mawlid festivities are Tanzania and Kenya where Mawlid is known as "Maulidi". In Kenya, the most famous place for celebration is the coastal island of Malindi and Lamu. In Tanzania, largest celebrations take place on the beautiful island of Zanzibar.

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