Eid ul

History Of Eid Ul Milad Un Nabhi

In the initial days for observance of Mawlid can be found from dated back to eighth-century Mecca history, while the residence in which Prophet Muhammad was born was later altered into a place of prayer by the mother of Harun Rashid, fifth and the most prominent Abbasid caliph, the Al-Khayzuran.

The early merriments included some elements of Sufis influence, with torchlight processions and animal sacrifices along with a feast and public sermons. The merriments occurred throughout the day, in difference to contemporary day observances, with the leader playing main part in the ceremonies. Importance was given to Ahl al-Bayt with management of sermons and recitations of the Qur’an. The occasions also featured the award of various gifts to officials in a way to boost hold for the ruling caliph.

The very first public merriments by Sunnis took place in 12th century in Syria, under the empire of Nur ad Din Zangi. Though there is hardly any evidence present to support the reason, indicating the adoption of Shi’ite by Sunnis, some even theorize the merriments took place only counter balance the Christian influence in various places such as Morocco and Spain. Theologians criticized the festivity of Mawlid as untraditional, and the practice was momentarily stopped by the Ayoubides when they came to rule and power, becoming an occasion confined only to family circles. It regained its lost status as an official occasion in 1207 when it was reintroduced by Muzaffar ad din, brother in law of Saladin, in Arbil town, a town in the vicinity of Mosul, Iraq.

The practice reached throughout the Muslim world, incorporating and assimilating local rituals and customs, to some places such as in Cairo, where Sufic and folklore practices deeply influenced the merriments. With the passage of time, it spread to the court of Ottoman Empire, where Murad III was the Sultan. Throughout the Ottoman Empire, it was given the status of National festival in 1910.

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