Eid ul

Eid Ul Milad Ul Nabi

Prophet Muhammad took birth in Arabian city of Mecca on Rabi-ul-Awwal’s twelfth day that was Monday on the 20th April, 571 AC. It also fell on Saturday on 25th May, 2002 and later on 4 June 2001. It is also the death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad. People celebrate this event by recalling and remembering the kindness and goodwill bestowed on whole ummah, a community. First is exposure of Holy Qur’an with the instructions, and the second one, the establishment of an Everlasting Guide which would advise and counsel the momins (believer) according to requirements and time needs. It is reason why Ismailis turn out to be famous as ‘children of the time’ (Ibn'ul Waqt) because they are guided and advised by that time’s Imam, Noor Mowlana Al Hussayni Shah Karim Hazar Imam (salwaat), his highness Aga Khan. He is 49th Imam who descended from Holy Prophet Muhammad’s daughter whose name is Fatima and Hazrat Ali (A.S). To Shia Muslims, occurrence of this is even more significant and filled with symbolism and representation because it was also the death anniversary of Prophet Muhammad and, consequently, it approves the Rope of Imamat (Hablillah) where Prophet Muhammad chose Hazrat Ali the successor at place of Gadhir-e Khumm. Birthday anniversary of Prophet Muhammad matched with the physical passing as meant by Almighty God. Hazrat Ali takes the charge of religious lead from him whose chain has sustained till present. In all time of Imamat, commonly known as ‘jomma’, the earlier Imam appoint the subsequent Imam and although the earlier Imam passed away bodily, which can be a mourning day, the ummah (community) celebrates at the setting up of new Imam because assurance of Light of Allah (the Covenant) continues. The custom of observing the Holy Prophet Muhammad's birthday on a large level began in the country of Egypt by the Prophet Muhammad's off springs, through the daughter Fatima. It was celebrated largely by religious establishments and religious scholars.

  • Mawlid an-Nabī (pl. al-Mawālid) – The Birth of the Prophet (Arabic)

  • Milād an-Nabī – The Birth of the Prophet (Arabic/Urdu)

  • Mevlid-i Şerif – The Blessed Birth / Mevlüt – The Name (Turkish)

  • Mevlud/Mevlid – Birth (Bosnian)

  • Mawlūd-e Sharīf – The Blessed Birth (Dari/Urdu)

  • Zadruz-e Payambar-e Akram – The birth of the great/blessed Prophet (Persian)

  • Eid al-Mawlid an-Nabawī – Festival of the birth of the Prophet (Arabic)

  • Eid-e-Milād-un-Nabī – Festival of the birth of the Prophet (Urdu)

  • Mawlid en-Nabaoui Echarif – The Blessed Birth of the Prophet (Algerian)

  • el Mūled (en-Nabawi)/Mūled en-Nabi – The birth (of the prophet)/Birth of the prophet (Egyptian Arabic)

  • Yawm an-Nabī – The Day of the Prophet (Arabic)

  • Maulidur-Rasūl – The Birth of the Messenger of Allah (Malay)

  • Mulud – The Birth (Javanese)

  • Maulid Nabi – The Birth of the Prophet (Indonesian)

  • Maulud Nabi – The Birth of the Prophet (Malaysian)

  • Maulidi – (Swahili)

  • Meeladu Nabi – The Birth of the Prophet (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, South India)

  • Gamou – (Wolof)

  • Nabi/Mahanabi Jayanti – The birth of the (great) Prophet. (Sanskrit), (Indian Languages) 'Maha' means great.

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