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Eid Recipes

 Eid-ul-fitr is a festival of Muslims. On this day various traditional and delicious dishes are prepared in all the Muslim households.  This festival is celebrated immediately after the month of Ramdan.  The popular Eid recipes includes, Shami Kabab, Sheer Khurma, old and traditional vermicelli which is called Muzzafer. Rooafza is commonly consumed drinks during festivals like Eid. Eid-ul-fitr is celebrated for three days in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

Eid Special Recipes

In spite of living in diverse places in India and having variations in eating habits, Muslims abide by certain dishes that are prepared all over India on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-fitr. These recipies include Sheer Khurma, Mutton, Chickan, sweets, kebab tikkas, puddings and custard, pasta, noodles, and appetizers.

On the occasion of Eid, every house is redecorated by its members, delicious meals are prepared that are served to the guests who come to greet them for Eid. Also new clothes are bought to be worn on this day. Since Eid is a reward to all muslims who have fasted for entire months therefore people celebrate it with great enthusiasm.

The meal looks incomplete without deserts  as they are the considered as the prominent part of gatherings and parties. They are served after the food and also identified as sweet dish. Among the deserts Halwa is also vey famous and among the Halwas Halwa of Carrot is very popular. It is formed of red and black carrots and is very tasty to eat and quick to prepare. The ingredients of this halwa comprises of Carrots, sugar, milk and Ghee. Carrots are boiled and then the biled content is dried and roasted.

In time of summers many people prefer ice-cream as deserts as they are sweet and cold. Moreover everyone has a liking for ice creams. They are easily available in the market but one can also prepare it at home. However it takes longer if prepared at home. Other form of deserts includes custard, mango sorbet, kheer, gulab jamun, coconut burfi etc. there is also a very popular and healthy sweet dish called strawberry jelly delight which is prepared using fresh strawberries.

If you have any problem making any of the dishes then you can visit site for KhanaPakana which has a collection of all these recipes.

Cooking tasty food during the festival is the tradition of all households and therefore every one should know all the traditional recopies to enjoy the festival in the fullest.

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