Eid ul

Salat Al-Eid

The scholars hold different views concerning the verdict on Eid prayers. There are three intellectual outlook for this:

1 – That prayer of Eid is Sunnah mu’akkadah . This is the outlook of Imam al-Shaafa’i and Imam Maalik.

2 – That it is a Fard Kifaya (religious obligation). This is the outlook of Imam Ahmad.

3 – That it is Wajib on all men following Islam (a duty for every Muslim and is mandatory for men); one who does not exercise it will not be excused as they are sinning thereby. This is the outlook of Imam Abu Haneefah, and was in addition describe from Imam Ahmad. all those who are in favor of this view include Shaykh al-Shawkaani and al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah.

One must offer Eid prayer in congregation. It entails two Raka'ah (units) out of which first Raka'ah have seven Takbirs and second Raka'ah have five Takbirs. Salat al-Eid is different from the five regular canonical prayers as no iqama (call) or adhan (Call to Prayer) is pronounced for the Eid prayers, for Sunni Muslims. although, Shi'ite Muslims may start Salat al-Eid with iqama (call) and adhan (Call to Prayer) with a third recurrence of the line "Hayya ala salah" ("Come to prayer"). After the Salaat (prayer) Khutbah is followed, or discourse, by the Imam.

At the winding up of the sermon and prayers, the Muslims exchange greetings and embrace with one other (Eid Mubarak), to the children they give gifts (Eidi), and visit one another houses. Many Muslims invite their non-Muslims friends to their home on this occasion, along with their neighbors, classmates and co-workers to their Eid festivities to better acquaint them about Muslim culture and Islam.

Although Eid is celebrated for three day yet special salat is offered on the first day only. After that all people goes back home to sacrifice the beast as a ritual.

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