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Eid Ul Adha Rituals

There are not many rituals related to Eid Al Adha. The moon of this festival is sighted 10 days before. Many people from the first day observe fast. On the tenth day they get ready and proceed to mosque to offer special prayer in congregation. This festival is celebrated to honor memories of Abraham’s obedience towards God. It is believed that prophet Abraham was ordered by God to sacrifice his beloved and only son. Although he loved his son a lot yet his love for God was more and therefore he called his son and told him that tomorrow I will sacrifice you as my God has asked me to do so. His son was also equally devoted to God did not complained, even for once. The next day they both offered salat and went to the ground to perform the sacrifice. Abraham had covered his eyes with a cloth for he could not see the doing. While he was about to kill his son miraculously it turned into sheep and Gods messenger told Abraham that his obedience has pleased God a lot and therefore he has sent sheep to be sacrificed instead of his son for it was the test that you have passed with flying colors. Since then this ritual is practiced by all Muslims to please God. In place of sheep one can also sacrifice goat, camel, ram, etc.  after the beast is sacrificed the meat has to be distributed in three parts out of which one part is for the poor, the other part belong to relatives and the last part is of the one who has sacrificed it. This sacrifice can be performed till the sunset of the 13th day of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah. Also it is celebrated after hajj.

 These rituals are very important for the muslims and all those who can afford has to sacrifice the beast. On this day people also wear new clothes and makes delicious food for themselves and their guests. They go to meet their friends also. Not only in Asia but it is celebrated all over the world. However people gives money to some institutions and buy sacrified meat as they face problem in getting it sacrificed in other countries.

This festival occurs in the last month of Islamic calendar and people very happily say good bye to it. This festival also teaches people to be generous and obey God beyond everything.

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