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History of Eid Ul Adha

According to Islamic history and custom, around four thousand years back, the city of Mecca ( of Saudi Arabia) was a rocky, uninhabited and dry place. Abraham was ordered to bring his wife Hajir and his son to Arabia from the Canaan by God's instruction. At that time Ishmael was his only lad.

As Abraham was getting ready  to back to Canaan, Hajar inquire him, "Did Allah (God) order you to leave us here? Or are you leaving us here to die." Abraham moved around to face his wife. He was very upset, he couldn't speak anything. He directed to the sky indicating that God instructed him to act so. Hajar said, "Then Allah will not waste us; you can go". Although Abraham had left behind a large amount of water and food with Ishmael and Hajar, but the supplies ran out very fast, and within short period of timethe two started feeling pangs of dehydration and hunger.

Hajar scurried between two hills running over Al-Marwah and Al-Safa seven times, she was desperate with quest for water. fatigued, she at last collapsed alongside her son Ishmael and prayed for deliverance from God. Miraculously, a stream of water spurt forth from the ground at the paw of baby Ishmael. Some suggests that angel Gabriel (Jibrail) stabbed the earth and making the spring to surge in abundance. this was a safe available water, known as the Well of Zamzam. With that water they were able to supply for their individual needs, and were also proficient to buy and sell water with passing traveler for supplies and food.

After many years, Abraham was ordered by God to go back from Canaan to construct a space of worship near Hagar’s well (the Zamzam Well). Abraham along with Ishmael built a mortar and stone structure —called as the Kaaba— which is the congregation place for all those  who want to strengthen their belief in God. As the years went by, Ishmael was consecrated with Prophethood (Nubuwwah) and passed the travellers of the desert message of surrender to God. After numerous centuries, Mecca turned into a flourishing desert city and a cheif center for bussiness, thanks to its dependable water supply, the Zamzam well. `

One of the important tests of Abraham's life was to obey the command of Allah and to dedicate his most valuable possession, his one and only son. On listening this instruction, he decided to surrender to God's will. During this time, Satan (Shaitan) tried to lure Abraham and his members of family and dissuade them from following God's instruction, and was driven away by Ibrahim who threw pebbles at him. In remembrance of their refusals of Satan, pebbles are thrown at representative pillars suggesting Satan at the time Hajj rites.

When Ishmael of the age 13 (Ibrahim was 99 then), (God) Allah decided to examine their beleif in public. A persistent dream always came to Abraham in, which Allah was instructing him to present his lad to forfeit – an unthinkable act – letting go of his son, whom was granted by Allah him after several years of profound prayer. He knew in the heart that these dreams were divinely stimulated, and are one of manners in which Allah communicated through his prophets. And when intention of the imaginations became obvious to Abraham, he determined to accomplish God's instruction and proffer Ishmael for the sacrifice.

though Abraham was prepared to give up his loving for the sake of Allah, he needed  his son’s consent of his son before committing the sacrifice. Isma'el was consulted to inquire about his willingness to surrender his life for accomplishment to God's instruction. This discussion was a major examination of Isma'el's mellowness in faith, commitment and love for Allah, sacrifice his individual life for Allah’s sake and compliance to follow his father.

Abraham discussed the matter with his son then inquired for his view about the imaginings of sacrificing him. Neither hesitation nor reservation was shown by ismaiel even for one moment. He says, "Father, you do what have been given as command. You will see me, Insha'Allah or God willing, as very patient." Grown-up response that he gave, his profound insight into character of father’s dreams, dedication to Allah and eventually his readiness to forgo his life for Allah’s sake were all extraordinary.

When both son and father had displayed their perfect compliance to Allah as they had actually demonstrated their readiness to forfeit their utmost valuable possessions for God sake — Abraham put down his lad to be presented and Ishmael retiring patiently beneath the dagger – Allah told them that their sincere intent had been acknowledged, and he did not require to carry out the sacrifice of Ishmael. Instead, Abraham was asked to replace his child with a goat to slaughter instead. Allah also informed them that the test that was bestowed upon them is very well passes by them by their willingness to follow God's command.

As Mentioned In Holy Qur'an As:

“O Lord! Grant us a virtuous (son)!” Hence We gave a good news about a boy who possess forbearance. When his son grown up enough to work and walk with him, Abraham says: O dear son, in a vision I see that I provide you for sacrifice: Now see your view!” Son says:  “Father! Do as per you got commands; if Allah desires, I will be one practicing steadfastness and patience!” So when both of them submitted and Abraham threw his son down on his forehead, We call him up saying: Ibraheem! Our vision is now fulfilled by you and We reward people who perform good. Very surely it was an observable trial. We pay off him with one momentous sacrifice. We perpetuated or praise him among later generations. “Salutation and Peace to Abraham!” Hence indeed We reward anyone who act right. Surely Abraham was one among Our servants who believe”.

As a prize for his sacrifice, God then gave Abraham the happy news that Is-haaq or Isaac his 2nd son, will be there soon:

“And We gave good news to him of Is-haaq, who was a prophet among righteous.”

Abraham had revealed that his worship for God outdated all others: that he would put down his own existence and of those most dear to him in compliance to God's instruction. Muslims memorialize this ultimate doing of Abaraham’s sacrifice each year in the time of Eid al-Adha.

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