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People says about Eid that The Eid Festival is a joint effort of varied community organization from the Detroit/Dearborn Metropolitan area, to swarm a cultural, educational and entertaining and educational occasion for the community all through the yearly celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid-ul-Fitr is a celebration concluding the Islamic blessed month of Ramadan, in which Muslims are required to fast in all days of Ramadhan from dawn to dusk, refraining from beverages, foods, assisting the underprivileged and engaging in some kind of community services. The advantages of this form of fasting helps in strengthening and increasing moral character, appreciating the everyday blessings of food and beverages, and sympathizing with the person who are less fortunate or underprivileged. In the social sense people celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr by visiting to relatives and neighbor homes and exchanging warm greetings like ‘Eid Mubarak’. The exchange of such kind of greetings is part of cultural tradition and not the religious obligation.

Fasting in the holy month of Ramadhan is among the five pillars of Islam. The five pillars in Islam are discussed below:

  1. Faith - Faith involves believing and one should worship only the Maker of this Universe and to not worship any form human beings, statues, animals, desire or anything else. Faith also requires belief that Creator sent leadership of right and wrong through several messengers such as Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and lastly the Prophet Muhammad. His message served and provided to cleanse and purify the direction of all the previous messengers from modifications done by humankind over the past many centuries. His message also offered and served a complete set of godly laws for humanity, pertinent in all situations for the time to come.

  1. Prayer – Establishing and offering prayers 5 times in a single day, serves as a reminder throughout the day of the purpose in life i.e. to worship the Creator.

  2. Zakat - Obligatory charity given to less fortunate, underprivileged or for any other religious purpose at least once in a year by those people who have means for donating. Intended charity is also greatly emphasized in Islam.

  3. Fasting - Refraining from food, drink, social gatherings and sexual relations throughout the holy month of Ramadhan, thereby strengthening and increasing characteristics of self-restraint, patience, and God consciousness.

  4. Hajj – It is the pilgrimage occurs in the city of Mecca and those who are physically and financially able are required to perform the Hajj at least once in lifetime. It is a holy quest of obedience to God and refinement of the heart.

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